Not so long ago, seeing models like Ashley Graham or Barbie Ferreira in mainstream media was not a thing. However, since then, the fashion and beauty industry has become more inclusive as big brands and fashion designers started to contract real-life and plus size models as well. There are still challenges to becoming a plus-size model on a greater level, but is here to help a curvy girl out!

We asked gorgeous model Alice Miller who is a real force of nature to share her story and tell us about how she became a successful curvy model. She worked with Ashley Graham and appeared in the Violeta by Mango campaign among other TV and online commercials. She is also an influencer and a brand ambassador just to name a few of her accomplishments.

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How much modeling experience do you have?

Well, it all began when I started to take self-portraits at 14. Then when I got old enough, I was able to collaborate with photographers. Now I am 24 and I have appeared in three TV campaigns, for instance in the Violeta by Mango campaign where I worked with Ashley Graham. I also did two campaigns for Lidl, which were the first jobs I got through I’ve done everything from editorials through fashion catalogs, to social media videos. I never would have thought that I would get this far. And there’s still a lot ahead of me!

What made you become a model?

Attitude. This is something I consider really important these days. Also, being consistent and determined when it comes to my work up until I get to a professional level. You have to believe that you have what it takes because you are worth it! I think the first time I realized I am a model was when I did the Lidl Tallas Grandes (Lidl Plus Size) commercial. I appeared on TV and it was not only me who started to believe it, but also the people around me.

Have you encountered any challenges and difficulties as a plus-size girl? If yes, what kind of difficulties?

Ugh, lots of them. Being a curvy model has been extremely difficult and without a doubt it still is. The modeling industry is very very strict and they seek perfection. Curvy models are not thought of as perfect, so when they are looking for curvy models they also want a model with cellulite-free, perfect skin, tall with no belly… I am lucky because I am 1.75 m (5.74 ft) tall, so I had no problem finding modeling jobs, but for short curvy girls, it’s difficult (for now). Once at a commercial shoot, they confused me with the camera assistant, even though I was dressed up and my makeup was done. I was even confused because the people around me are not aware of the changes that are taking place in the modeling industry.

How do you feel about being a curvy model and representing women like yourself?

To be a curvy model as well as an “influhater” on my Instagram is truly an honor. I love to make people laugh and show them my progress.  I love the fact that young girls want to follow in my footsteps. We are fat, and we do no harm! I almost feel that I am one of the pioneers alongside my fellow curvy models who are part of this movement and this new generation that comes in strong and wants to be accepted. We want to represent all of us; the thin, short, fit, curvy or plus size.

I think there should be more voices like ours and not always the same influencers who are unrealistic. They are trying to sell us perfect skin, perfect body, perfect apartments and so on. We are women, we are real, we are worth it no matter our body type. Each one of us is unique in our own way and it’s important that we keep it real. We shouldn’t let people, who don’t know about modeling, comment on what we’re doing and stop us. I always try to be as real and happy as I can be. I only got one life to live so I will not keep quiet. And if one dreams about accepting oneself, they must change now.

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What piece of advice would you give to aspiring curvy models?

To NEVER give up. I can’t even count the times I’ve been dismissed on castings or got sideways glances. Not to mention offensive replies from photographers who did not want to work with me… The best advice I can offer is to ALWAYS be yourselves. Don’t change your body, your attitude or the way you are because of continuous rejection. Always be true to your charisma, craziness and your goals. Do I want to become a model? YES! So, I’m going to go for it and fight like a warrior. Courage to all of you! I want to see you shine next to me.


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  • Hello Alice Miller. I love it your story is truly inspiring and to make me never give up on my dreams of becoming a curvy fashion model, you are definitely an inspiration to me, you give me so much hope when reading this article about you. Alice Miller you are a beautiful curvy model and I look forward to meet you some day, stay BEAUTIFUL?

  • The story is amazing and a great motivation to keep fighting for what we want❤❤ I love you Alice and I wish I can get that lucky ??


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