Feb 14

Interview with model Elizabeth winner of Modelmanagement Modelstyle Contest!


Interview with model Elizabeth-Winner in our Modelstyle Modelmanagement.com Contest. Discover the story of a model, who works hard for her dreams! And don’t forget to follow our contest!

Jul 6

The Rise of Transgender Models & Unisex Modeling


Fashion has always been about women’s wear and men’s wear, female models versus male models.. but there are a few models out there that are rocking the scene of both women’s and men’s wear shows and those are Unisex & Transgender Models.. Check them out!

Jun 3

Like A Painting | Photography Inspired By Paintings


Some of the most stunning works of art in the world of photography are those inspired by paintings.
Be that emulating beautiful art from periods such as the Renaissance or the splendor of Rococo; or taking inspiration from the details of a divine piece of couture and experimenting with 3d Modeling + Digital Painting – the results of painting inspired photography are always mesmerizing.

Apr 8

CK one Ads | Defining Generations


Fancy feeling a little bit old? Take 17 years off your current age and that is exactly how old you were when the last generation defining CK one ad was launched, targeting the youngsters. I know! Ouch right?

Aug 25

Fashion Controversy? Take a Minute to Look Closer – Part 2


Steven Meisel has that special ability to script and tailor his fashion editorials so that each can reference and reflect current social trends, situations and events. We should be extremely thankful for the fact that Italian Vogue is willing to go the extra mile and give this talented photographer carte blanche when putting together his shoots.

Aug 20

It’s A Disaster! – ‘Water & Oil’ by Steven Meisel


The pages of the August issue of VOGUE Italia look nothing short of deadly. The spreads illustrate a shocking, painful yet incredibly powerful visual message. The ‘Water & Oil’ images shot by Steven Meisel, feature a Kristen McMenamy covered in oil and were inspired by the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Aug 17

Fashion Controversy? Take a Minute to Look Closer – Part 1


Whether opening a newspaper, watching television, scanning a magazine or clicking online, we are constantly under a barrage of high-impact, controversial, violent, provocative images and information. With up-to-the-minute data just a finger-click away, now more than ever is the time to be more aware and open-minded. Yet considering all that is available, fashion seems to continually receive the hard rap when it comes to so-called “controversial” images.

Feb 26

MODELS IN ACTION! – Picture vs video.


They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words…” There is also a quote that says:
“pictures can never replace being there”. With that in mind I wonder… what about videos?

Jan 22

YOU BAD, BAD GIRLS! – Mugshots are back in fashion in Henry Holland’s latest collection


Aaah! well that Henry Holland has been busy designing a capsule collection for British
chain Debenhams lately, which is called H! by Henry Holland. The collection will feature not only the trendy pieces created by the designer, but also two key pieces: a scarf
and a clutch made using the prints of 36 mugshots submitted by you and me, the public. Isn’t that a fab idea?

Jan 8

THEY ARE BIGGER, THEY ARE BETTER AND THEY ARE BACK! – High Fashion Bible V Magazine starts 2010 with an issue devoted to plus size models.


The timing couldn’t be more perfect, don’t you think? Weren’t we all starting to stress about our lovely new “Christmas tripes” whilst the words “loose those 10 kg by February” appear among various other New Year’s resolutions on our lists.

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