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Model of the Week on Not Just Fashion.net

España, Spain

Job date

Monday, 09 January 2012

Casting ends:

Monday, 09 January 2012

Description of Casting

The on-line magazine Not Just Fashion.net organizes a weekly casting to find his new Model of the Week.
Not Just Fashion Magazine is dedicated to the professionals of the fashion and advertising industry. The Model of the Week is published on the landing page of the website. It is a perfect way to be seen by thousands of professionals of the fashion & advertising Industry.
Every week we will pick 6 or 8 models between 18 & 35 years old (girls and boys, depending on the week) to make a public vote. The model with more votes will be the new Model of the Week.
As it is an on-line project, you can apply from all over the world. During the vote of the selected models, we will publish their composite on Not Just Fashion.net linked with their Model Management profile.
We will start to publish the first models on Not Just Fashion.net from the 9th of January.
After 12 weeks, we will organize another public vote with the last 12 Models of the Week. The 2 winners, one male & one female model will travel to Europe to shoot an editorial.
More info: (website removed)

Not Just Fashion.net organiza un casting semanal para encontrar nuevos “Models of the Week”. Not Just Fashion Magazine está dedicado a los profesionales de la industria de la moda y de la publicidad. El “Model of the Week” está publicado en la portada de la pagina Web. Es la mejor manera de estar visto por miles de profesionales de la industria de la moda y de la publicidad. Cada semana elegiremos a unos 6 o 8 mdelos entre 18 y 35 años (chicos y chicas, dependiendo de la semana) y haremos que vote el publico. El modelo que tendrá más votos será el nuevo “Model of the Week”. Siendo un proyecto on-line, podéis registraros desde cualquier parte del mundo. Durante el voto de los modelos seleccionados, publicaremos sus composites en Not Just Fashion.net vinculandolos con sus cuentas en Model Management (o agencia, creditaremos la agencia de los modelos participantes). Pulicaremos los primeros composites on Not Just Fashion.net a partir del 9 de enero. Despues de unas 12 semanas organizaremos otro voto del publico con los 12 últimos Models of the Week. Los 2 ganadores (1 chico y una chica) viajaremos a Europa para hacer una editorial.
Más Info: (website removed)

Not Just Fashion.net organise un casting hebdomadaire pour trouver les nouveaux "Models of the Week". Not Just Fashion Magazine se dédie aux professionnels du monde de la mode et de la publicité. Le "Model of the Week" est publié sur la page d'entrée su site Web. C'est le meilleur moyen d'être vu par des milliers de professionnels du monde de la mode et de la publicité. Chaque semaine nous choisirons 6 à 8 modèles (filles et garçons selon la semaine) et le public votera. Le modèle qui aura le plus de votes sera le nouveau "Model of the Week". Étant un projet on-line, vous pouvez vous inscrire depuis n'importe quelle partie du monde. Durant le vote des modèles sélectionnés nous publierons leurs composites sur Not Just Fashion.net avec accès à leurs profils sur ModelManagement.com ou à leurs agences. Nous publieront les premiers composites à partir du lundi 9 janvier 2012. Après 12 semaine nous organiserons un autre vote avec les 12 derniers Models of the Week. La fille et le garçon qui auront le plus de votes voyageront en Europe pour la réalisation d'une editoriale.
Pour plus d'info: (website removed)

Application for this casting has been closed.

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Who is responsible for this casting?

Modelmanagement.com is an online platform for professional users to create castings for our model members. We try our best to verify our professional users, but we take no responsibility for the content of this casting.


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Main photo by Christoph Klutsch, Model: Fel Cassieli