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About me

Hey there,

I've been into photography for many years having worked as a professional between 2008-2012 selling fine art through an agency and also photographing weddings and events.

After promoting and selling my own gourmet food brand for the past several years I decided that I I wanted to get back into photography, and get more into video work as well. Although I was using my photography skills to promote my food business I craved to get back into photography/video full-time.

Last year I took some courses in audio engineering so I could understand audio for video work. That made me want to work with some local musicians helping to promote their work. I financed an EP and also several singles, which also let me spend time with some audio engineers so I could watch them work and ask them questions.

The photos you see in my portfolio are from two local musicians that I worked with.

I'm seeking to work more with local, modelling talent. I enjoy working with less experienced individuals who are seeking to gain more experience and also would like to work with more experienced professionals.

I'm currently building a new website to showcase my older and new work. I only have a few test galleries on the homepage of the website now but that will change over the next few weeks as I start to upload more content. In the meantime I have provided a link to my Instagram page.

I look forward to working with you.

Dan Gordon

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