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Fresh Faces 2015

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ModelStyle shows off your latest trending look! Simply post a photo of yourself in your coolest street style and title your photo. Inspire the modelling community with your ModelStyle!

What should I post?:
  • Photos showing your personal fashion style
  • A clear full body length photo
  • A title that explains your style
No studio or commercial photos! Your photo may be removed by our moderators if the guidelines are not followed. Continue
  • Lady chic with a quirky twist Model: Mirjam Schneider
    Mirjam Schneider 1 {"cat":10,"brand":"Karen Millen","shop":"charity shop","id":"7712","pos_y":218,"pos_x":231} 2 {"cat":22,"brand":"Vero Moda","shop":"","id":"7713","pos_y":414,"pos_x":198} 3 {"cat":10,"brand":"Karen Millen","shop":"","id":"7714","pos_y":218,"pos_x":231} 4 {"cat":1,"brand":"Jones bag","shop":"","id":"7715","pos_y":388,"pos_x":107} 5 {"cat":18,"brand":"Passigatti","shop":"","id":"7716","pos_y":239,"pos_x":139} 6 {"cat":31,"brand":"Odille","shop":"","id":"7717","pos_y":347,"pos_x":128}
    Mirjam Schneider Posted by Mirjam Schneider | Model | London, United Kingdom Sep 3rd | Comments | 6 items tagged Hide tags
  • My new dress Model: Federica Ferraro
    Federica Ferraro Posted by Federica Ferraro | Model | Chiavari, Italy Sep 3rd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • summer inspiration Model: Krzysztof Sowinski
    Krzysztof Sowinski Posted by Krzysztof Sowinski | Model | Kalisz, Poland Sep 3rd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Basic Yellow Ralp Lauren Model: Mehmet Karaman
    Mehmet Karaman 1 {"cat":19,"brand":"Ralp Lauren","shop":"Lorenzo","id":"7708","pos_y":243,"pos_x":249} 2 {"cat":19,"brand":"Ralph Lauren","shop":"Lorenzo","id":"7709","pos_y":243,"pos_x":249} 3 {"cat":19,"brand":"Ralph Lauren","shop":"Lorenzo","id":"7710","pos_y":243,"pos_x":249}
    Mehmet Karaman Posted by Mehmet Karaman | Model | Ghent, Belgium Sep 3rd | Comments | 3 items tagged Hide tags
  • Home style.. Model: Julia Grinyuk
    Julia  Grinyuk Posted by Julia Grinyuk | Model | Kyiv, Ukraine Sep 2nd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • just smile Model: Liam Kazim
    Liam Kazim Posted by Liam Kazim | Model | Samsun, Turkey Sep 2nd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Dreaming Model: Milena Sokolova
    Milena Sokolova
    Milena Sokolova Posted by Milena Sokolova | Model | Sofia, Bulgaria Sep 2nd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Fresh face Africa 2015 Model: Marcos Posso
    Marcos Posso Posted by Marcos Posso | Model | Maputo, Mozambique Sep 2nd | Comments | 0 items tagged
  • Urban Vintage Model: Tajh Garner
    Tajh Garner 1 {"cat":20,"brand":"Nine West","shop":"http:\/\/www.ninewest.com\/","shop_url":"http:\/\/www.ninewest.com\/","shop_text":"www.ninewest.com\/","id":"7700","pos_y":465,"pos_x":201} 2 {"cat":21,"brand":"H&M","shop":"http:\/\/www.hm.com\/","shop_url":"http:\/\/www.hm.com\/","shop_text":"www.hm.com\/","id":"7701","pos_y":290,"pos_x":281} 3 {"cat":10,"brand":"Exclusive Boutique ","shop":"","id":"7702","pos_y":213,"pos_x":354} 4 {"cat":1,"brand":"Aldo","shop":"http:\/\/www.aldoshoes.com\/","shop_url":"http:\/\/www.aldoshoes.com\/","shop_text":"www.aldoshoes.com\/","id":"7703","pos_y":165,"pos_x":334}
    Tajh Garner Posted by Tajh Garner | Model | Raleigh, United States Sep 1st | Comments | 4 items tagged Hide tags
  • beach day Model: Doina Valeri
    Doina  Valeri Posted by Doina Valeri | Model | Paris, France Sep 1st | Comments | 0 items tagged

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Main photo by Christoph Klutsch, Model: Fel Cassieli