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Fresh Faces Contest


Session Please note: The above image is an example and may not be representitive of the services you will receive

  • 15 minút s profesionálnym vizážistom.
  • 20 minút fotenia vo fotografickom štúdiu s profesionálnym fotografom.
  • 10 profesionálnych fotografií vybraných z 50 záberov a nahraných do Vášho modelmanagement.com profilu.

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Cena: 79.00€
This session has finished, sorry!

Session Information

  • Typ: Foto Session
  • Dátum: Monday, 27 February 2012
  • Duration:
  • Posted by: Teresa Novoa

Lokácia: Madrid, Spain

Note: The address is approximate, the actual location will be divulged upon payment by the photographer.

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If you are not of legal age at the time of registration, you must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If a parent or legal guardian cannot attend the shoot please contact our support team to be sent an agreement prior to the shoot. Persons under the age of 14 are not permmited to use modelmanagement.com

How can I pay?

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