Deleting your account

Deleting your Model Management account

You want to leave, and while we’re sad to see you go, we always respect your decision. We made it very simple for users to remove data on our platform in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Sometimes you’ll want to quit your dreams of being a model, whether you may have received a marketable career opportunity that you want to focus on, lifestyle changes, or simply because you found that it’s no longer attractive. This is completely okay! We love knowing that you’re heading to greener pastures, even if it means leaving the platform. We always want to celebrate success regardless if this means leaving!

Before we go to our bittersweet goodbyes, there are a few things that you may want to consider before making the ultimate decision to delete your data from our platform:

Modeling is difficult

One reason is that you’re not getting any traction on your modeling career. We agree that the model industry, like any other, is highly competitive and requires you to go the extra mile to succeed. There’s no question about it, but is there truly a job that allows you to live purposefully without the effort? Our team has curated this playlist for those who need the extra push on overcoming rejection and what actionable steps you can take to keep going!

Model Academy

Learn from the best to be the best!

Knowledge is power! This is true in the modeling industry. One thing you can take advantage of is our Model Academy, which teaches all the nuances of the industry and provides you with everything you need to become that model of your dreams!

Use our FREE online resources

Don’t have a premium account? No sweat~ Another option for you is to read our Tips and Tricks from our Modeling community. This free resource provides you with what you need to do to become successful at!

But I don’t have the time!

Another reason you can think about letting go of us is that your life diverges. You may have been offered a scholarship, offered a stable job that requires commitment, or you may be starting a family. All those are entirely valid points! However, you would lose out on all the connections you built during your stay with Model Management. It may be best for you to keep this line open should you decide to come back or if you want to continue your modeling career part-time! 

If you decide to leave, here’s a gift that will be waiting for you when you come back!

60% Discount for returning customers

Wait! What about my Premium plan?

Your membership will be active until the end of your current cycle. If you have an active plan, you will receive a prompt that you’re on a paid plan and that you won’t be able to get the value of your money if you decide to leave while that’s active. It would be preferable for you to cancel your renewal first. 

Suppose you don’t fall into the refund conditions under our terms of use; it would be economical for you to use it until the end of your term. In that case, you may want to consider taking the time to enroll at the Model Academy! You can also view your other benefits as a premium model or a premium professional from our Help Center

Another excellent option for other users is having a friend or family member interested in modeling take over your account. This way, you can get the full value of your premium subscription while helping someone make their dreams come true!

No, I still want to cancel!

No problem. Again, we respect your decision and appreciate that you took the time to hear us out before canceling your account. In this case, you can click on the link below while signing in to the profile in question:

Need to do it manually? Here are the steps on how to delete your profile:

1. Log in to your account. If ever you no longer remember your login credentials, or if you lost access to the e-mail address tied to your account, you can reset your password or let our support team know so we can request an e-mail change!

2. Go to your Dashboard. On the left side of the screen, Look for: “Edit Profile.”

3. It should take you to the “Personal” tab. From here, click on the “Delete account” link on the lower right side of the screen.

4. Select your main reason for leaving. If none of the options directly apply, feel free to choose the closest one. When you’re done, click on “Delete my account.”

Why do I still see my information or photos when I search from Google?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing cache your information for a certain period to boost search results faster. If it’s been a few days since you deleted your account at and your details still appear, you can request for Google to delete your data here:


  • Customer service cannot delete your account on your behalf. If you forgot your login credentials, you could reset your password. And in case you no longer have access to the e-mail inbox used to open your account, let our support team know so they can request an e-mail address change for you!
  • Our billing team cannot refund a membership off a closed account. This is because once your profile has been deleted, your entire footprint will be wiped off our database, including your payment history.


I understand, please help me delete my account!

Delete my account

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