Photographer Frank Diaz and new face Noa connected through and organized a test shoot. Find out the details of the collaboration.

1. Location of the shooting

Since it was my first photoshoot with a professional photographer, I decided to have a test shoot session as a start. For this reason, the location was at Frank’s studio. When I arrived I felt immediately at ease and together we decided the order of the looks that I brought from home.

2. The idea behind the shooting

Before starting, Frank looked at me and told me that his goal for the shooting was to capture the real me, the essence of my personality. At that moment I did not really understand how that could be possible, but afterwards – while looking at my final shots – I understood what he meant. Each picture reflects one facet of my character and summarises my attitudes and way of seeing the world in ways that the world could not do.

3. Working with Frank

I loved working with Frank! He was spontaneous, relaxed, and easygoing. Even though I only took pictures of myself with my friends during my free time, I felt confident and I always knew what to do. Most importantly, I had a lot of fun during the entire shooting!

4. Why Frank

I already saw some of Frank’s portrait work and I immediately thought that the pictures showed quality. After I called him and I noticed the communication was fluent and easy with him, I was sure that I would not regret my choice.

5. After the shooting

Once I left the studio, I felt super happy and excited. I could not wait to see the final shots. A couple of days later, Frank sent me the results and I was really satisfied with it. I would love to work with Frank again in the future!

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