Sep 9

Nevermind Barbie, Rootsteins Are The Real Fashion Dolls!


Did you know that the best mannequin company in the world makes its mannequins out of casts of real supermodels? And that it has been doing it since the swinging sixties?

Sep 8

Take a closer look – Dove makes a video to show the trickery of photoshop, make-up and lighting


If you have ever wondered why sometime models or celebs look very different in real life to when you see them on posters or in magazines, here’s the reason why. Most of the time they are not as perfect as you are lead to believe, there’s something else going on.

Sep 7

Paulo Vainer shoot with Gisele Bundchen – From The Desk of Production Paradise


Paulo Vainer began his career in 1978 as an assistant to photographer Bob Wolfenson.In 2004 he launched his first feature as a DOP, ‘Noel – O Poeta da Vila’ (Ricardo Van Steen). Alongside his commercial work, Paulo has taken part in several collective and solo exhibitions at MASP, Galeria Luiza Strina and Galeria Vermelho.

Sep 6

T-shirts: now men are taking the plunge!


It’s August. It’s supposed to be summer. It’s bloody freeeeezing in London. You’d think the hideously wet and windy weather here would mean people would be covering up, but never before has so much cleavage been on display. Everywhere you look, bare chests – bronzed, buffed and beautiful (well, not always, see Simon Cowell below) – are averting eyes on the high street. Thing is, this time it’s not men ogling women’s boobies – the cleavage in question is male.

Sep 3

Hazardous Runways! Treacherous Catwalks! – When Models Fall Flat


Now imagine that you are a model. Hair, done. Make up, done. Clothes & styling, done.Towering high heels, on. Music on. *Your name* and GO!

Sep 2

The twins Raphaela & Delilah Bolzern in!


Identical twins, yet still quite different,Raphaela and Delilah, both successful behind the camera as models whilst acting as photographers themselves.
They work together not only in the fashion world, but they also share the same wardrobe, giving them a double selection of clothing and shoes. Not unpractical if you travel a lot in the fashion world …

Sep 2

From Model To Beauty Queen: The Models in Miss Universe 2010


Having not watched a beauty pageant in at least 10 years and being of the opinion that beauty pageants are tacky, old fashioned and uncool, I stumbled upon the Miss Universe contest last week and out of sheer boredom I decided to watch it. And surprise-surprise… There’s models in there!!!

Sep 1

Watch FashionTV’s exclusive video of Fresh Faces 2010 Spain!


It’s official and been aired!! The FashionTV coverage from Fresh Faces Spain 2010 is now here for you to see even more of the excitement that took place back in June in Barcelona.

Aug 31

UP – The Paper Magazine From the first casting to the fashion story in the latest issue


Through a big casting on he together with creative director Bea Egger made his choice of models and then invited them to a live casting in Innsbruck. The models that arrived certainly convinced him! Almost all of them got booked for different stories, scenes and poses.

Aug 30

Fresh Faces 2010 – Finalists Germany!


The finalists will participate in both Fashion and Swimwear shootings, under the watchful eyes of the jury. They will make the all important final decision and select the two models with the most potential to start modeling internationally and be the Fresh Faces 2010 Germany!

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