Mar 14

Antonella Arismendi Buenos Aires fashion photographer – From The Desk of Production Paradise


Based in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, Antonella Arismendi grew up with Barbies, Twin Peaks and the ghosts of Pedro Raota, which adorn the hallways of her home to this very day….

Mar 11

The 10 Best Collections From Paris Fashion Week A/W 2011


Au contraire of the grand spectacle that we are all accustomed to seeing at John Galliano, only 20 looks were presented in a salon on Avenue Foch. Despite that Galliano’s pieces were amazing. Dresses worthy of a museum collection and pieces that remind us of Galliano, the
great master seducer.

Mar 10

‘Famed Is Thy Beauty’: Hollowood Stars Through the Lense of Annie Leibovitz


One of the world’s most well-known photographers, Annie Leibovitz, has just launched a new series of promotional photos for Disney that features some of Hollywood’s hottest talent…

Mar 9

The 10 Best Collections From Milan Fashion Week A/W 2011


‘So the spray paint can met the lace dress and they lived happily ever after’ – Shame that we can’t say the same about Thomas Maier’s muse, a dark, circa 1960’s lady with a mission. A mission to kill. The collection feels very ‘Mad Men’ meets ‘Hitchcock’…..

Mar 8

Being dedicated! Charlotte makes use of our Personal model support and get’s great results!


Charlotte takes it serious with her model career and puts effort in enlarging her model portfolio and her presentation. After becoming a premium member on she used her personal model advise to ask for some test shoots

Mar 4

Model Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) Becomes Fashion Sensation


Nevermind Gaga walking for Mugler, who everyone seems to be raving about is Nicola Formichetti’s muse and model – the skeleton tattooed Rick Genest – also known as ‘zombie boy’ and ‘Rico’ – a lovely young man from Canada whom he found on Facebook…

Mar 3

The John Galliano Saga | To Caesar what is Caesar’s And To God What Is God’s


I am not one to blog about tabloid scandals but this is a fashion tabloid scandal and it involves John Galliano – one of the best fashion designers in the world.

Mar 2

Red Carpet Glamour of the 2011 Oscars


The time has come, once again, to cast your vote on the red carpet looks of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Each year after the Oscars-bash there’s a lot of talk about the looks of all the Hollywood starlets who attended the big event…

Mar 1

Transmitting female beauty – Exclusive interview with Fashion Photographer Urko Suaya, from Buenos Aires


It’s much more than just the physicality of a woman; above all it’s personality, style, sensuality and sense of humor. I see the female beauty as an energy that manifests itself, flows through the pores….

Feb 28

The 10 Best Collections From London Fashion Week A/W 2011


Was the new Rapunzel movie ‘Tangled’ the inspiration behind Phoebe English’s creations? Not sure, but we are sure loving each and everyone of those fabulous hairy looking dresses.

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