Aug 26

Snap! – 10 Great Photography Related Movies


Looking for inspiration or just for a great movie to watch? Here is a collection of 10 of my absolute favourite photography related movies of all time!

Aug 25

Fashion Controversy? Take a Minute to Look Closer – Part 2


Steven Meisel has that special ability to script and tailor his fashion editorials so that each can reference and reflect current social trends, situations and events. We should be extremely thankful for the fact that Italian Vogue is willing to go the extra mile and give this talented photographer carte blanche when putting together his shoots.

Aug 24

Stick to the karaoke, loves! Modelling and music shouldn’t mix!


Yep, believe it or not, Ms Walking Tantrum did actually release a full albums’ worth full of what could loosely be termed ‘music’ (the highlight being the lead single Love and Tears).

Aug 20

It’s A Disaster! – ‘Water & Oil’ by Steven Meisel


The pages of the August issue of VOGUE Italia look nothing short of deadly. The spreads illustrate a shocking, painful yet incredibly powerful visual message. The ‘Water & Oil’ images shot by Steven Meisel, feature a Kristen McMenamy covered in oil and were inspired by the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Aug 19

Entering Forbidden Territory: Men’s Underwear!


Yes boys, women are wicked like that. We do care about those things an awful lot, even if you think that we don’t. The old: “right guy, wrong pants” conversation that we girls have at cocktail hour a la Sex and The City isn’t a New York myth, d’ya know…?

Aug 18

I Want Candy! Sweet Fashion That Is..


Sweet, colourful candybars and lollipops are often used as an inspiration for hair, make-up and clothes. In the Sixties, mini dresses with their square, round, or fluid movement prints already gave off a candy association, but the creatives of our time have really used their sweetest dreams to get to the following outcome.

Aug 17

Fashion Controversy? Take a Minute to Look Closer – Part 1


Whether opening a newspaper, watching television, scanning a magazine or clicking online, we are constantly under a barrage of high-impact, controversial, violent, provocative images and information. With up-to-the-minute data just a finger-click away, now more than ever is the time to be more aware and open-minded. Yet considering all that is available, fashion seems to continually receive the hard rap when it comes to so-called “controversial” images.

Aug 16

HI-TECH COUTURE: Do Fashion and Technology Really Mix?


Just today I was reading a fresh article on how technology has developed to a stage where there is no point that our clothes shouldn’t include some sort of a gadget. And when technology calls, fashion’s more than happy to answer.

Aug 13

Fine And Dandy: Beau Brummell’s Style


“Never too tight, too stiff or too fashionable”… were the words of one of the greatest style icons in the history of Great Britain: Mr George Bryan Brummell, better known as ‘Beau’ Brummell.

Aug 12

It’s A Hat Summer! – The Best Summer Hats


“And all your future lies beneath your hat” – John Oldham

Well, the future of your summer at least… did you notice that absolutely everyone is “hiding” beneath a summer hat these days?

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