Nov 22

Interview with the FRESH FACES 2010 finalists from Berlin Their thoughts, their experiences, their emotions


We had a little chat with the German Fresh Faces finalists Eleonora, Jan Niklas, Armin, Charlotte, Jan and Astrid who told us about the contest, the final and their day in Berlin.

Nov 19 | Google’s New Fashion & Style Site


Woof! You’d have never guessed that good ol’ Google would join the fashion pack with a new – un GOOGLE branded – fashion and style site which feels… well, a bit more Net-A-Porter than Google. The new site – – although very fashionable looking, is clearly focused on Google’s
core business: search.

Nov 18 contest


In cooperation with, and the magazine DigitalPhoto we present a competition from 15.11. – 31.12.2010.

Now you have the chance to hand in your own tutorial to win some great prizes. The Top 3 tutorials will be published on….

Nov 17

Shooting the Fresh Faces Berlin! 3 top photographers, 10 new models and a breathtaking location


The final of Fresh Faces 2010 in Berlin was not only about the models, but also the photographic talents who make them shine. We were honoured to have 3 of the best Berlin photographers, Matze Schmidbauer. Neda Rajabi und Damien Elroy Vignaux, who were not only attending the finals but shooting the models!

Nov 16

Scandalous! | Sex In Advertising Campaigns


Now we all know that sex sells. That is no secret. But the trick to bag a sexy advertising
campaign is balance and a nice aesthetic. Here are two great examples of two companies
who are flying the sexy flag in their ad campaigns.

Nov 15

Australian Fashion & Beauty Photographer Michele Aboud! – From The Desk of Production Paradise


Michele Aboud’s photography has a contemporary feel and moves with the language of our times. Her Influences come from all aspects of everyday life. So what’s her secret to her style? Michele: “I keep it simple and have been doing it long enough to know how to orchestrate the set and the story being told.”

Nov 12

2010-2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: A Night of a Thousand Fantasies


It’s that time of year again! Wednesday November 11 2010 was this year’s date of underwear glory. This year’s show ‘A night of a thousand dreams’ was built up around 6 sections showing hot, cute, sexy, wild, heavenly, tough, sporty and pink outfits, wings included. And although the show will officially air at CBS on November 30 (which isn’t available for us Europeans anyway, boooo!), we can already show you the goods.

Nov 12

Fashion Body: The Nose Girl


Says Zana Brisky -British Photographer and Filmmaker- in her website in a special gallery dedicated to celebrating beautiful women with big noses. ‘I believe that a larger than average nose can be beautiful.’ – Says Zana and I couldn’t agree more with her. She quotes beautiful women with larger than usual noses, among them the gorgeous Sofia Coppola.

Nov 11

Fresh Faces model Ariadna, through the lens by Spanish fashion photographer Pablo Daniele


It’s very easy to see why Pablo Daniele likes shooting so much with Ariadna. She has what was described by one model expert as “The best body I’ve ever seen!”

Nov 10

Alejandra – Spotted for our NEWFACES Newsletter, November 2010


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