Jan 19

Top 10 Best Dressed – Golden Globes 2015


Check out our top 10 red carpet looks of this year’s Golden Globes! What are your favourites?!

Jul 29

The fashion spotlight can be a family affair!


Some families have fashion in their blood, a photogenic DNA and hottest bodies. Yes, it’s possible. Let’s discover them!

May 25

Models & Modeling competitions: The way to get to the TOP!


Modelmanagement.com goes over some of the most famous models of the industry who made it to the top thanks to their participation in model competitions…

Mar 21

From Lanvin, Versace and Marni…with love, for the one and only …H&M


Lucky for us all, co-branding is very popular these days. Now designs that you could buy for hundreds or thousands of euros are now accessible (and affordable) for the high-street fashion clientele. That’s great!!! It’s obviously a win-win situation for everyone, right?

Nov 5

H&M Fashion Videos! – Shanghai Street Style and Lanvin!


My-oh-my! Have you seen the latest fashion videos by good ole H&M? Here at modelmanagement.com we are all totally loving both of these, take a peek..

Oct 7

‘I Do’ – Says Albert Elbaz for Lanvin at H&M!


Oh I can’t wait! I foresee really hard to make decisions over which pair of Lanvin for H&M shoes
to go for. Argh desicions, desicions!!!

Mar 11



Remember the girl who lived under a tree? The human chess piece who wears an incredible dress and has her movements controlled by a robotic voice that commands her to move onto the next position? Remember the ghostly vision of Kate Moss floating away magically, wrapped in hundreds and hundreds of layers of soft rippling fabric and fading away into a bullet of light?

Dec 17

‘BY THEIR TATTOOS YE SHALL KNOW THEM’ – Designer tattoos are the latest fashion accessory.


Top supermodels like Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Amber Smith, Carre Otis, Amy Wesson among many others, are well known for sporting one or more tattoos on their bodies, which they use to express themselves and that – let me tell you mum – has not prevented them at all from having a successful career.

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