[:en]If you are starting in photography or if you already have experience, you should know that having a solid portfolio is the best way to reach clients, models and agencies.

However, to build it you face many challenges. The most difficult is usually to get the models. So we have developed a tool that allows you to connect with thousands of them around the world to do paid jobs or collaborations.

Interesting, right?

In this article I’ll explain you how to take advantage of modelmanagement.com‘s platform and build a winning portfolio.

Photographer with a cammera

Family and friends are fine, but …

All photographers have been here at some time. Getting started is difficult and having someone you know in front of the camera makes the process easier. But let’s be honest, this only works for practice, because except for some cases, the photos are not the best and can hardly be added to the portfolio.

Also, if your goal is to be a top photographer, you have to make top pictures. But models and agencies are less likely to want to work with you if you still don’t have that level that you would like to show?

Well, for the models the process is similar. Those who are starting off in the industry and also more experienced models who need photos for their portfolios and social media are exactly the right kind of people to start shooting with.

Are you using social networks to find models?

When you realize that the photos you take should look better, you turn to social networks. You start looking for groups in your city for models, photographers and even those that offer exchanges (TFP) or you go to Instagram in search of people who are interested in the world of modeling and that fit within what you are looking for.

The main problem with this method is that the quality is not usually very good in most groups and Facebook pages, so you will end up taking photos of a person who may not give your portfolio that look you want or just after planning a session, the person does not show up.

In Instagram the main problem is that you must have thousands of followers in order to be attractive. If you don’t have them, usually people don’t even answer.

So what is the alternative?

Model Management community

You should already know that modelmanagement.com is an international community with over 1 million models worldwide.

How does it work?

As a photographer you just have to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Sign up on the website or in the App
2. Publish a casting. Models interested in what you offer will register for your casting
3. Get in touch with the models you like to schedule your session

And why is it cool?

Our casting tool is completely free and allows you to access nearly one million models worldwide. You can filter the search by geographic location, ethnicity, measures, etc. In addition, once they register for the casting, you can contact them directly to discuss the details of the project.

Model Management also has 2 more different subscriptions with even more advantages.

If the quality is good, the models and clients you get will be good too. A solid portfolio makes the difference between being hired or not.

So, create your account and start working with models from your city or worldwide and become a top photographer![:]

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