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David Lance Bismuth

Photographer, David Lance Bismuth was born and raised in Paris. Having both French and American parents has granted him the opportunity to be confronted with both the old and the new world. The son of an French painter, Henry Bismuth, And an American mother, Rachel Bismuth ,Who was internationally involved in the fashion industry, David was exposed to a broad range of international artists and designers from the time he was very young. This proved to be a significant influence on Bismuth, spurring the desire to explore a career and life with the art of photography. While his tools differed from that of his father’s David’s knowledge of colors, shapes, textures and composition come from his teaching. Bringing this strong artistic heritage to his travels, David has developed a keen sense for telling compelling stories through the images he captures. Peering beyond the surface of what we view, his interest resides in revealing the various embedded facets of the different cultures and habits in the world. Rather than constantly searching for the “new” he seeks to shed new light on the “old” by melting down convention. Whether straightforward or highly-sensitive in scale, David remains dedicated to respecting the dignity of those who appear in his images. His goal as a photographer is to create evocative images that draw strong reactions and stimulate empathy for those who appear in his work. Bismuth currently resides in New York City where is working on a broad selection of his work for exhibition purpose editorials. And Advertising .

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