As a photographer and owner of a production company, often we don't have a big budget, so what makes ModelManagement.com special is that it has a big range of models pre-filtered by their professionalism.
George Uris
We needed 50 content creators and influencers and ModelManagement.com was our salvation.
I recommend to apply to castings on ModelManagement.com, it's given me so many modeling career opportunities!
Within the past months, I have been experimenting with online projects. One of them has been working with models worldwide and planning new shoots virtually. Thanks to ModelManagement.com I have been able to expand my network of models and have also been shooting weekly with new faces worldwide. I would 100% recommend ModelManagement.com to any photographer who is looking for a new challenge (both online and offline)!
Alvin Chua
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Using ModelManagement.com has changed my photography experience and skills greatly. Before finding the platform, I was scrambling to find models with social media but not to good avail. When I came across ModelManagement.com, I wasn’t expecting too much for myself since I was still a hobby photographer and felt I was jumping right into the professional playing field. In a way, I was, but I found that the platform is very user friendly and the MM team is very supportive. With ModelManagement.com, a photographer/creative has access to a vast amount of models; new faces to professionals. I was positively overwhelmed right from my first casting and I cannot recommend ModelManagement.com enough! I have learnt and experienced so much thanks to the platform and I will gladly continue to use them for future casting and photo shootings!
Andrew Nutting
For our International campaign for Absolut Vodka, we decided on a new approach to use ModelManagement.com’s platform. The client needed 27 unique looking models and we had over 3000 diverse profiles from all over Europe to choose from. What would normally be a challenging casting, turned out to be a very smooth process.
Simon Paul Whittard
Founder, New Moon Productions
A great photographer's tool for online castings that really works!
Victor Moscardó
ModelManagement.com offers opportunities for models and model agencies to get bookings from clients worldwide.
Thomas Zeumer FMO
Founder, FMO
New York
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I have been using ModelManagement.com for a bit over a year now, and I have found so many great models through the platform! Everyone I have messaged through ModelManagement.com has been very excited to work on projects together and the results have turned out fantastic! It has really enriched my portfolio and I can 100% recommend the platform to any photographer or model out there!
Bea Vanhala
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ModelManagement.com has helped me to meet models who are professional and versatile from different parts of the world. They have helped me broaden my perspectives and creative space by introducing me to these models. It is also a great platform to network. What should have been a hefty and time consuming process has been broken down and made easy for me, thanks to ModelManagement.com!
Sree Lakshmy