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Dulcedo Model Management

With diversified looks that embody the hottest trends, Dulcedo represents a selection of Montreal's most talented local models and artists. Well established agency, Dulcedo supports young talents in fashion industry and photography by offering opportunities and long term relationships that go beyond industry standards. Its mission is clear; to showcase Montreal talents internationally by making them accessible to the global fashion community and reinforce the city's heightened reputation as a great fashion metropolis. Dulcedo's clients are style-setting designers gracing renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns, editorials and chic local catwalks from Montreal. Its dedicated team of agents works closely with key industry players to get its models the most prestigious advertising campaigns, covers and editorials of fashion magazines. Known for the professionalism of its staff, constantly working to seize every opportunity, Dulcedo is collaborating with renowned agencies around the world. The close relationship with their models and clients is the key of its success. Known for its sharp eye for detecting potential talent and promoting many of the best models, Dulcedo's reputation for high excellence persist. With an emphasis on personal development, our new models receive the attention needed to be developed and to achieve success in the fashion industry. A parent can feel secure about Dulcedo's reputation for honesty and integrity. Our scouts are always looking for fresh faces. If one of them offers you his card, it means that you have a good potential and it's the time to start working on it. It's important for us to keep the level of our models as highest as possible. If you've been approached by our Dulcedo team means that you caught the attention of the right person and your life is going to change and to be full of success.

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  • Types: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Gender: Female
  • Age range: 14 to 30

Fresh Faces