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Edu Forte

  • LocationBarcelona, Spain
  • Phone+34659972148
  • Mobile+34659972148
  • WebsiteEdu Forte website

Born on 29 September 1985 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at the Hölters Schule, learned German. He lived in Germany, he loved it. He studied law at the Catholic University of Argentina, was graduated. Heard lots of music, decided to study guitar and piano. He wanted to be like Beethoven, could not. Photography was his hobby, he wanted to perfect it. He studied with Don Rypka (Pulitzer Prize winner), became more than a hobby. Founded in 2006 with his father and his grandfather an advertising agency. He made a lighting course with Paz Marenco, felt he had to devote himself to photography. He met Alejandro Bascuas were encouraged to devote himself to photography. He started his own photography studio, he crossed fingers. He is currently doing fashion, editorial and commercial work for national and international clients, enjoy it a lot. He exhibited his personal work in various galleries, he enjoys it more. He loves his parents, sisters, grandparents, uncles, cousin, friends, God, the world, life.

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