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Matkovich Model Agency

As the founders of Matkovich Model Agency we have created the agency to build up the model career of girls and boys with special makings. Our aim is to find such exceptional talented people and manage their model career continuously who will stand their grounds in the international market and will work at the most famous fashion houses by our partner agencies and can be in the most well-known fashion magazines. For that reason we have built up such structure according to which both the model and the agency are equally interest oriented. Our professional team (make-up artist, photographer, hairdresser, stylist, model booker, video maker, etc.) has been working together and developing without stopping since 2001. We have built our agency upon this several years' professional team work of a high standard and the established relations. The guarantee against our models' thorough preparation and starting their career is the decade having spent in Beauty & Fashion profession as we have made several hundreds of portfolios and we have had great experience in stylist profession. Our agency in the interest of qualitative and really efficient working connections and of course in the interest of success – in contrast to the majority of agencies- would like to work with only some (maximum 15-20) models together with whom the professional, common work can be created. That is also necessary because in every special field of the fashion world hence also in model profession there is big rivalry in the international market so models even with excellent makings can be successful only with a persistent effort and with proper support.

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  • Types: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Gender: Female

Matkovich Model Agency has continuously been looking for those young, tireless GIRLS with proper physical makings (age: 14-21 years old, height: minimum 173 cm, thin, slender, waist: maximum: 64 cm, hip: maximum 93 cm) and BOYS (age: 14-25 years old, height: minimum 182 cm, size of ready-for-wear: 48 or 50) who are properly willing and would like to work in model profession that is foreign work int he first place!