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On-Location Models

On-Location Models is the oldest & largest Black modeling firm in the Unites States. Established since 1985, On-Location Models currently represent 134 models residing throughout the United States. We were located in the World Trade Center. Then we relocated to Houston, TX. Business is also handled out of Atlanta-GA, Charlotte-NC, Chicago-IL and Hawaii. OLM specializes in representing "women-of-color". We are increasing our diversity of the types of models we represent. Nevertheless, most of our modes are female & "chocolate". Perhaps you have been doing a lot of photo sessions, music videos, fashions shows, runway shows, hair shows and flyers for nightclubs; promotional modeling and other modeling assignments. If so, most of the pay has not touched $1,000 per modeling assignment. We at OLM want you to give you a little food for thought. Most major PRINT ADS pay a ‘MINIMUM’ of $1,500 per half-day. This means that you work for 3-5 hours for that kind of money. Many PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS pay $2,000 - $15,000 per booking for national campaign ads or an easy $4,000 - $8,000 for being on a hair-care box. Again, these figures are for a one-day booking! You can’t earn that doing promotional modeling even at the rate of $50 per hour for 8 hours which totals up to paying $400 for that day! Now, if you are not clocking in the kind of money ‘per-booking’ we deal with then now you have some food for thought. We are not saying don’t do what you are doing. We are suggesting that you also consider adding PRINT ADS and other bookings which really pay you some serious cash for you time. Most of our models have a 9-5 day job. Thereafter, they attend a class at college. Many of them are also single parents. Most of them do not have interest in modeling! However, doing a few modeling bookings “on-the-side” for extra income (as it comes) does interest them. Modeling is on the back burner in their life. Again, extra money is their common purpose for modeling. So when Christmas comes around, all gifts are bought from the modeling money and not the 9-5 pay check. When vacation time comes, the vacation is paid for from the income from modeling not the 9-5 income. Although we handle all types of modeling assignments, we definitely focus on getting our models print advertisements. The income paid to models who do print ads is extremely lucrative; unlike any other booking. As of September 2013 we will exclusively handle print work and no other assignments. If you are a model seeking bookings & haven't really been making too much money in this business or if you would like to do print work but need guidance, feel free to contact me & I will be open to guide you in the right direction. Even if you elect not to work with On-Location Models, I will still be willing to give you sound advice and a few leads on getting some PRINT ADS. Contact: Our New York Call Center 646-820-2206. We are literally available to be reached 24/7. Maybe this is one factor which has contributed to our 27 years of being in the business. E-mail: [email protected] "There's Enough Work Out There for All of Us" New York City 646-820-2206 NYC 646-727-0068 Miami 786-519-1190 Washington, DC 202-642-1285

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We Spaecialize in Getting Our Models Print Ads.

  • Types: Professional Models and New Faces
  • Gender: Female
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Print advertisements start with a "minimum" of $1,500 per half-day booking. Some print ads pay $5,000 per full-day. No other booking apys what a print ad pays. Many models have done editorial work - booked for an article in a magazine. But editorial work does not even come close to the pay of a print ad.