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Applying to the right castings

Applying for a casting is like applying for a job. When you do it, it is because you are sure that you like the project, that you have the skills to execute it satisfactorily and that you meet the requirements.

You may be tempted to apply to as many castings as possible thinking that this will increase your chances. However, most casting calls have a description of the type of profile they are looking for and professionals expect to see models that fit their needs. If a model that doesn’t fit applies, they will probably be ignored.

Fortunately, ModelManagement.com posts hundreds of castings every day from all over the world and many of them are for online jobs. Some are more specific than others. But you can always find something that fits your experience, skills or characteristics.

Our recommendation is to apply only to jobs for which you may have a chance. Avoid applying to offers outside your geographical area if you are not able to travel and the casting description does not specify that travel expenses will be covered.

By following these recommendations, you will have a much better chance of being contacted and getting projects.

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