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Casting ends May 12, 2021
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I am interested in complex, layered projects that are best suited and intended as sequenced images in book form. These sequences (small or large) rely on a series of single images that need to both stand on their own as singles but also serve the larger narrative when deliberately sequenced together. The final sequencing is what creates a universe that navigates a variety of different ideas. My work aims to challenge established perceptions and ways of seeing the world and different subject matters at hand. Form, tempo, perception, texture and intent are some of the relevant ideas to the way I author works and encourage models I collaborate with to be considerate of. My project relies on vernacular photography and “the cinematic” which I explain in detail and how they extend to modeling during a call prior to a session. I can simply say here that they offer a free-flowing proposition to modeling without reliance to posing for the camera but rather call on a more intuitive delivery. For this casting call I am looking to work around the subject matter of the nude. Away from any singular cliches of sensuality, eroticism the project intents to navigate more subtle less pronounced and more suggestive aspects of the gerne. The idea here is that less is more and more is less. Nudity should and can claim a more advanced “dialogue” in visual arts then it often does and is by nature extremely vernacular when not presented in exaggerated and cliché fashion. I consider those who model for my projects, engaging collaborators. I fuse the project with ideas but the models filter, interpret these their own way and eventually deliver accordingly a modeling form. This is essential to me and something I allow and even strongly encourage. I am interested in what people bring to the table with their own psychology, their past and present, I want that to interject with the works created. There is both control over certain aspects such as composition and environment treatment but I make space for randomness and accident to become the “picture” and bring necessary “breathing” into the project. My work challenges notions of perfection, instead I invite mistakes, surprises and most importantly imperfections to become present, as for me they reflect a sense of truth much stronger than a “picture-perfect” approach. The aim is not to create “wow”, look at me type work but rather solicit audience participation and invite the audience into a journey. Prior to any session with first time models, we discuss over a call, tech setup which I make as easy as possible to drive focus to actually creating work and not getting bogged down with tech stuff. While in the same call we will cover some ideas surrounding the project and modeling for it and expand on the vernacular and the cinematic principles mentioned earlier.


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