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Casting ends December 13, 2023
Collaborative shoot or event
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I have been creating works with remote photography for the past 5 years. Meeting and engaging with people from around the globe. My approach as an artist is holistic and reflects in both the image taking process but also the dives into the exchanges before and after shooting. I shoot when a certain connection surfaces that renders meaningful the process. I am looking for an authentic source, a genuine dialogue before deciding on the intentions of the images. As I look to break my own boundaries and venture into what is lesser known to me and what gets me curious about imagery, the process of photography, people and creation of mindful dialogue through visuals. I use photography to ask questions and sonar signals. It is a journey without pre-specified goals to reach. My images are intentionally open-ended, unresolved, aiming to create a lyrical space, much like poetry works and acts. I utilize the cinematic approach to search for such elusive, ephemeral transient qualities as they reflect to me from life itself. My process intends to seek something beyond the mere visible. I do not attempt to pre-define conceptually my works direction, but some reoccurring themes are space, place, melancholy, perception, intimacy, longing, distance, eroticism, mysticism, and the existential space is always nearby. Prior to engaging in a session, I will suggest a call where we get to meet discuss and seek common ground and further understanding. It is also a great opportunity to meet as I hold the human aspect the most relevant art of the process. This is a remote shooting proposition. However often when complementarity is surfaces, the possibility of meeting in person for shooting again also exists as I travel frequently.


22 to 45


Collaborative shoot or event
Time for print and experience (images shared within 48hrs)

Online or in person job / collaboration

Application for this casting has been closed
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