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Casting ends April 4, 2024
Collaborative shoot or event
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Hello, I am an artist working with photography and I focus on the creation of lyrical atmospheric series of images, the are sequenced and intended to work as a whole and not just single images. I create, layered and sometimes complex projects. My work is positioned in-between the cinematic and the poetic directions. I work with the vernacular in mind as I look at the mundane to find a sense of ambiguity and tension. My work although not exclusively cinematic can be described as such. My interests here are not commercial and are purely creative and I am looking to meet and engage with people who seek creative expression themselves. For these series I plan on continuing ongoing work that includes nudes, although not exclusively. I do not however shoot such styles as boudoir or cliché artistic nudes. I create authentic personal works as I author from my own source of inspiration. I will be shooting for this remotely. Prior to a session I will invite you to a call to discuss further details and answer questions and share PDF’s of completed past project for additional context.


21 to 42


Collaborative shoot or event
Time for print and experience (images shared within 48hrs)

Online or in person job / collaboration

Application for this casting has been closed
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