CONTENT CREATORS for Indie Makeup brand. PAID.

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Casting ends June 30, 2023
Content Creation or influencer
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PAID JOB: Up to $225* *$75 / Video - #No. videos to be confirmed based on first video submission. Additional - Free Makeup products Phase Zero, a vibrant and innovative indie makeup brand, is seeking talented and passionate content creators to bring our products to life through compelling testimonials and captivating voice-overs. If you have a knack for storytelling, a genuine love for makeup, and the ability to connect with audiences, we invite you to audition for this exciting opportunity! REQUIREMENTS: - US based creators - Aged 21+ - Comfortable and natural in front of the camera, with good acting abilities - Create engaging testimonials that highlight the unique features and benefits of our makeup products. - Develop persuasive and captivating scripts for voice-over narrations. - Record high-quality audio to accompany visuals and bring our brand story to life. - Collaborate with our marketing team to ensure the content aligns with our brand's tone and messaging. - Stay updated on current trends and makeup industry developments to provide fresh and relevant content.


21 to 50


Content Creation or influencer
We want to engage our audience with authentic and relatable content. We aim to create a series of testimonials that showcase real experiences with our products, as well as voice-overs that enhance the visual appeal of our promotional videos.

Online or in person job / collaboration

Application for this casting has been closed
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