CONTENT CREATORS for Indie Makeup brand. PAID.

United States
Casting ends February 6, 2024
Content Creation or influencer
Application for this casting has been closed
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PAID JOB: Up to $300* *$75 / Video - #No. videos to be confirmed based on first video submission. Additional - Free Makeup products We're a brand built for real lives. We believe in creating impossible-to-mess-up products that are designed to meet the reality of your daily routine. We're born from a genuine desire to create makeup essentials that help you do more with less. We don’t want new makeup every month or season. We want hands-down great products that we don’t have to think about. Premium, high-performance makeup with versatility and quality that lasts. REQUIREMENTS: - US based creators - Aged 21+ - High quality video - Comfortable and natural in front of the camera, with good acting abilities - Create engaging testimonials that highlight the unique features and benefits of our makeup products. - Develop persuasive and captivating scripts for voice-over narrations. - Record high-quality audio to accompany visuals and bring our brand story to life.


21 to 55


Content Creation or influencer
Potential $300 $75 per video.

Online or in person job / collaboration

Application for this casting has been closed
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