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Female Models: Selfie-Video Interview about Smoking habits for University project

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Casting ends June 16, 2023
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As part of a university project I'm planning a short documentary about smoking. The video is used to spice up the presentation of a university paper about smoking and how we deal with its addictive aspects. For this purpose I'd like to create a video featuring testimonials from several smokers on how they see these aspects in their daily life. For this I'm looking for models who are regular cigarette smokers (i.e. several cigarettes per day) to take part. You would answer a set of about 10 questions about smoking in a selfie-style video, either in english or german. The questions will be provided by message/e-mail, you will record the video independently on your own and wherever you like. A mobile phone camera is enough. Time required to record is about 5-10 minutes. The video will only be used once in that presentation and will never be made public elsewhere. Note: The paper and the video are not intended to be against smoking, the aim is to provide a completely neutral, informative view on the topic.




Paid shoot or event
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