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Lifestyle commercial stock photos in Berlin

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Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Hi, I'm a professional photographer from London, travelling to Berlin from 12th to 16th of August;

I'd like to shoot some lifestyle (or sport or business) photos to use for commercial purposes, licensing them through stock agencies (i.e. Westend61, Getty Images, Shutterstock etc)

I'd love to capture the real way of life in the city, eating/drinking typical food etc. I'd also like to shoot with multi-ethnic groups.

Also, if you know anyone running a business in the city (i.e. typical restaurant, shops etc) please let me know because it would be a great theme to shoot!

I'm looking for almost any kind of person, regardless of your age, ethnicity, sex etc: also models with no experience are welcome, I focus more on the ability to be natural in front of the camera, being able to smile and have fun!

I'd love to have real group of friends, or families, or couples. Also, if you practise any sport, or if you have hobbies, let me know, they could be a good theme to shoot too!

Every model need to sign a commercial release, and I can deal on the fee with each one based on experience and travel expenses if any.
Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any question!

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Berlin city centre

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

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