Lifestyle models for project on the South Asian Diaspora

London, United Kingdom
Casting ends December 22, 2022
Collaborative shoot or event
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Looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to allow me to photograph them for a day or a few days. Possibly if inclined with family members. I am embarking on a new photography project about the diaspora of South Asian people in the UK., whether you're 1st gen or other, secondary displaced or other I wish to document lives of people like us living a life between multiple cultures as we try to find our place. This could include taking images within the expectation of your cultural identity or outside of it. The aim of the project is to show the wide areas of assimilation and juxtaposition.


South Asian


Collaborative shoot or event
I am a non professional photographer, I can only offer exposure, portfolio building. I am happy in exchange to help you fulfill projects of profile nees, offer you images and if the project is able to be exhibit full credits and exposure wherever possible

Shoot or project location

in or around London

Online or in person job / collaboration

In person
Application for this casting has been closed
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