Makeup Artist seeking Models in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
Casting ends February 11, 2024
Collaborative shoot or event
Application for this casting has been closed
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Makeup artist based in Vancouver is seeking models in her area for creative projects. 1. Availability: The model should be available on weekends for photo shoots, as the collaboration with the photographer is primarily scheduled during that time. 2. Theme Preference: Emphasis on engagement and couples shoots, with a focus on white dresses or wedding gowns as the preferred attire. 3. Appearance Preferences: Models with long hair are preferred, with a special request for models without lashes extension. This artist finds inspiration in the essence of romance and simplicity. There is an undeniable charm in the subtlety and grace of natural beauty, and she strives to enhance and highlight the unique features of each individual she works with. Her ultimate goal is to create a look that not only complements each one personal style but also echoes the radiance that emanates from within. * Images of her own work


18 to 35


Collaborative shoot or event
Models will be able to create content for the portfolios with the look the makeup artist creates for them + they will be given photo material if shoot

Shoot or project location

Vancouver area

Online or in person job / collaboration

In person
Application for this casting has been closed
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