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Model Wanted at the Beach near Kemah (Houston) area for test photoshoot

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I'm going to be doing a few test photoshoots at an oceanside beach location in SE Houston area (Kemah/Seabrook, etc).

I strongly prefer to do this during the golden hour
Weekdays (Monday - Friday) 7am only, if you want the photos at no cost.
Weekends 7am or 7pm priority will go to weekday candidates on this.

This will be an amazing opportunity to receive 100+ plus photos for your portfolio
and at an amazing location and at absolutely no charge. I will simply ask that I
can use the photos for my portfolio as well.

The minimal requirement would be you would need to be able to pose for
approx 60 mins in front of a camera. I would love to work with a dancer
on some choreography videos at this location as well but not required.

Arrive hair, make up and outfit(s) ready. Bring at least one or more swimsuits, crop top and
a summer dress.

I will take both full body shoots from a horizontal angle and headshots as well.
Photos will be taken with a 36 MP high quality DSLR Camera.
If you would like video footage as well, don't be afraid to ask

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TFP Trade for Print is an arrangement where the model gives their time in exchange for a selection of the best photos from the shoot Model will recieve 50+ photos plus headshots and plenty of retouched images on a DVD-ROM

Shoot or project location

Ocean front location along the Kemah area (SE Houston)

Casting closes

Monday, 15 July 2019

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