Models wanted for fun boudoir/lingerie shoot in Melbourne on June 7

Melbourne, Australia
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Casting ends June 7, 2023
Collaborative shoot or event
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Hi everyone, I’m in Melbourne to start on job on the 8th but have the 7th free. Hoping to fit in a fun shoot (or two). I’m staying in a good hotel in the city so I can easily shoot lingerie stuff in the room. I love shooting this stuff and making it look expensive and not cheesy. That said, I'm happy to shoot in some awesome locations so please suggest any you know of and we can shoot there instead (beach, pools, gardens, city etc). I'm keen to shoot with happy, confident, reliable models to get some really good quality shots. I am looking for a good makeup artist but I don't have a stylist so it's do-it-yourself wardrobe. I prefer to do tests (TFP) but am happy to pay expenses or a small fee given its lingerie stuff. For tests/TFP I will provide high-res processed proof shots and then your selection of five or so fully retouched shots. If you want references, I can get them too. If you only do paid shoots, let me know your rates and I'll see what I can do. For paid shoots, I typically only supply shots I've retouched for my own use (and in a slower timeframe). After I've said all this, please know that I'm first and foremost wanting to explore and shoot fun stuff. If you've got an idea for something else cool, let me know and maybe we can do that instead! If you want to shoot something with bikes, even better! Finally, I’ll be on the road till mid-July so it’ll take me till then to process the shoots. I’ll sit down with you and do a quick process on a few straight away so you have something immediately (not for paid shoots). Cheers all, hope to hear from you soon!!! Adam


18 to 60


Collaborative shoot or event
Expenses and small fee payable - not full rate. It’s a test, you get photos, I get to test techniques and practice.

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Melbourne CBD hotel or other

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Application for this casting has been closed
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