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OJDQA.com TOP MODEL JOBS 2011 international


Hanover, Germany


OJDQA.com is a unique & the No.1 Model-supporting Non-Profit Cooperation on the web. Since 2005 OJDQA.com supports the management for selected Models absolutely free, secure and without membership. OJDQA.com is giving support in finding the individuell top paid job, offering the client the SedCard, providing free traveling & sponsoring. Membership is not required for full service.

We usually don't only look for 90-60-90 Models. For 2011 OJDQA.com is expeting and already has several high class job opportunities. For some of the jobs only the best Models will be accepted. To apply to become one of OJDQA.coms 2011 TopModels see below.

For the OJDQA.com TopModel Search 2011 critireas have to be fullfilled:

- female model with modeling experience > 1 year
- Age: 18-23
- Size: 175-185
- Breastcircumference: 85-95 cm
- Waistcircumference: 56-61 cm
- Hipcircumference: 85-92 cm

Applications and further information can be requested untill march 15th 2011 at:

(email address removed)

(website removed)

Application for this casting has been closed.


Casting closes

Friday, 15 July 2011

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  • Types Professional models New faces models Height 175 to 196 Age range 17 to 24