Project Luca - Short film that will be premiered at the Sundace Film Festival

North America
Casting ends March 30, 2024
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We are looking for talent with acting skills based in the USA and Canada for a short film called “Project Luca”, which will be submitted and premiered at the Sundace Film Festival. There are different profiles wanted: lead, support & real people, also voice actors. - All genders. - All ethnicities. - From 18 to 45 years old. - Acting skills and acting techniques like screen acting and improvisation. - English speakers. Roles fee: up to $750.00 - $2,000.00 / month Logline: An upcoming hip-hop-influenced, animated mockumentary about four ex-band members that travel to a looped dimension, interviewing a variety of doppelgängers to uncover the truth about their late friend Lucille "Luca" Barcellos. Production states: "Will be submitted and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and many more. You'll only be responsible for excursions to enjoy the new country and/or state. Cast and crew will be commuting and working at a film-audio production studio (provided via peer space) in New York City, North America, or Toronto, CA. Will be staying in a five-star hotel and a commute will be provided via vehicle. Actors will also need to be able to voice act and perform behind the camera for mocap." *Please apply to this casting with a close-up photo, video reel and presentation.


18 to 45


Paid shoot or event
Up to $750.00 - $2,000.00 / month

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North America

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In person
Application for this casting has been closed
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