Revenge Network (Male Lead)

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
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Looking for actors. Project Title: Revenge Network Project Type: TV Series pilot Synopsis: Lifelong friends Emmy and Brittney's night out takes a dangerous turn when they encounter a married man at a bar. Their cab ride with Ed, an eccentric driver, becomes a nightmare as they realize he's holding them hostage for ransom. As they struggle to secure the money, secrets are revealed, leading to a deadly confrontation between the two friends. Amidst the chaos, Emmy finds redemption in a selfless act, while Brittney faces the consequences of her privileged upbringing. Their harrowing ordeal tests their friendship and forces them to confront the darkness within themselves. Character Breakdowns: Ed (27): - Description: Ed is an eccentric and enigmatic cab driver who becomes entangled in Emmy and Brittney's ordeal. He exudes an unsettling charm and hints at a darker side beneath his eccentric facade. - Role Type: Antagonis-Antihero - Requirements: The actor portraying Ed should bring a sense of mystery and unpredictability to the character. He must transition seamlessly between moments of charm and menace, keeping the audience guessing about his true intentions. Married Man (30-40): - Description: The married man at the bar serves as a catalyst for the events that unfold. He is initially charming but ultimately reveals himself to be morally questionable. - Role Type: Supporting - Requirements: This role requires an actor who can portray charisma and charm while also conveying a sense of deceit and moral ambiguity. Emmy's Ex-Boyfriend(20-25): - Description: Emmy's ex-boyfriend is unwittingly drawn into Brittney's manipulative scheme. He is a victim of circumstances, manipulated and exploited for someone else's gain. - Role Type: Supporting - Requirements: The actor should convey vulnerability and confusion.


25 to 40


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