Spec Advertising Campaigns

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Casting ends April 28, 2024
Collaborative shoot or event
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In search of sophisticated models with a proven track record in high-end publications for specialized advertising campaigns. We seek individuals who exude the refined essence synonymous with brands like Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and Dior, capable of seamlessly embodying the juxtaposition of street style and polished elegance in both product advertisements and dynamic motion designs. Ideal candidates should possess a unique blend of grace, poise, and fashion-forward flair, reflecting the elevated aesthetic associated with renowned luxury brands. This casting opportunity is tailored for models who can effortlessly convey the allure and prestige that define YSL and Dior campaigns, bringing a compelling and captivating presence to each frame. Successful applicants will not only showcase their modeling prowess but also demonstrate an innate understanding of the sophisticated visual language intrinsic to high-end fashion advertising. If you aspire to be part of cutting-edge advertising endeavors, elevating brands to new heights with your refined image, we invite you to apply and contribute your distinctive style to our spec campaigns.


18 to 35
Black/African roots
Native American
Middle Eastern


Collaborative shoot or event
High end retouched digital photos for their portfolio. Potentially motion design videos.

Shoot or project location

NYC and Washington DC

Online or in person job / collaboration

In person
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