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Noa x Frank Díaz

Photographer Frank Diaz and new face Noa Jungbauer connected through and organized a test shoot. Find out the details of the collaboration. 1. Location of the shooting Since it was my first photoshoot with a professional photographer, I decided to have a test shoot session as a start. For this reason, the location was […]

NEO2 Editorial by Artidi

Casting Director: Artidi Photographer: Rebecca Scabrós Magazine: NEO2 Models: Pablo and Jozen.    

How to use for Online Projects in the Modeling Industry

Online projects are increasingly present in the Modeling Industry. The online modality has allowed professionals to connect with models from all over the world, increasing the number of results and improving time efficiency in projects. Jacob Fisher 3D Artist/Animator/Producer at a company called Sparrow-Seven in Washington, DC, USA is an example of a professional who […]

Bata – Brand Manifesto

Models: Sara Castillo, Lorena Hidalgo, Gemma Schumm, Elizabeth Arnau, Marti Capellades, Maria Ruiz, Joana Millet, Adriana Serra, Jordi Temprado, Clara Civit, Mateo Agulla, Toni, Andrea Balaguer, Lara Khulmann, Aleix Camps. Producer: Joan Cuni. Diversity in modeling For the #ComfortableWithIt campaign, the shoe brand Bata needed different types of models. They were not looking for the […]

Karen Stephany x Polina

Model: Karen Stephany  Photographer: Polina Danilova

María José x Meri Sanz

Model: María José Photographer: Meri Sanz  

Remote Photoshoot: Coco x Priscilla

Photographer:  Priscilla Burleson Model: Coco

Alexandra x White Concepts

Model: Alexandra Brand: White Concepts  

Chema De La Cierva

Photographer: Chema De La Cierva Models: Lucía, Laura, Dalia, Silvia, Gabba, Ana María

Sauvage Mamma

Brand: Sauvage Mamma Models: Anna Caterina, Valentina, Monica,  Talitha, Barbara.


Models: Aloísio, Luzie & kids Felix and Maxim, Brenda, Juliet, Allison, Juan Client: MyPostcard  

Attaway x Letta & Eran

Photographer: Daniel Agudelo Brand: Attaway Models: Letta and Eran

Heressy x Jean Philip & Paula

Photographer: Daniel Agudelo Brand: Heressy Models: Jean Philip and Paula

Artidi x Nadin

Casting Director: Artidi Carlos Photographer: Aitor Pardo Model: Nadin 

Dua Lipa – Physical

Talents: Xavi, Berta, Demelza and David.

Bea x Katerina

Photographer: Bea Vanhala Model: Katerina Zhovoronkova    

Bea x Regine for Enhats!

Photographer: Bea Vanhala Model: Regine Morales Stylist: Ella Kankkunen Hats: Enhats  

Bea x Venla

Photographer: Bea Vanhala Model: Venla Edelman Stylist: Ella Kankkunen

Aerin x Jamy

Photographer: Aerin Weber Model: Jamy       

Rene de Haan x Ira

Model: Ira Photographer: Rene de Haan Magazine: Playboy Netherlands  

Nymphs Fashion Editorial in ELEGANT Magazine

Photographer: Elizabeth K. Models: Dzsenifer, Greta, Karola, Ilona, Jazmin, Palma.

Virág x Elizabeth

Photographer: Elizabeth K.  Model: Virág

Retro Schatten

Photographer: Andrew Nutting Model: Jamy Brand: Retro Schatten 

Virtual shoot: Alvin x Ben

Photographer: Alvin Chua Model: Ben Vinall  

Irina Pogonina x Tomiris

Photographer: Irina Pogonina Model: Tomiris

Victoria x Adinda in Utrecht

Name of the photographer: Victoria Basel Model: Adinda  

Victoria x Jamy in Freiburg

Name of the photographer: Victoria Basel Model: Jamy    

Creative beach shoot Den Haag by Victoria Basel

Photographer: Victoria Basel Models: Surya    

Youtiful Lipsticks

Brand: Youtiful Models: Marie Watch the video testimonial from Marie, the model features on Youtiful Lipstick campaign!      

Carlotta Pauline Schönwald

Photographer: Carlotta Pauline Schönwald Models: Eva Ariane and Sophie  

Eduardo Sampaio x Sam

Photographer: Eduardo Sampaio Model: Sam

Carlson St Louis

Photographer: Carlson St Louis Model: Corin                

Ray Depatti x Jonina

Photographer: Ray Depatti Model: Jonina

Virtual shoot: Alvin x Adonis

Photographer: Alvin Chua Model: Adonis Sawadogo  

Valentina Barreto x Thaya

Photographer: Valentina Barreto Model: Thaya

Retro Schatten #2

Photographer: Andrew Nutting Model: Alice Brand: Retro Schatten

Nina W Melton

  Models: Selena Benitez & Hayden Pérez Photographer: Nina W Melton

Igor Vorobey x Stefano

Photographer: Igor Vorobey Model: Stefano

Sita Abellan: From Fresh Faces to Cosmopolitan’s Cover

I guess I’m not the only one –I hope so–, but when I think about popular models, such as Irina Shayk, Claudia Schiffer or Gisele Bündchen, I can’t imagine that they were once just girls like me, who dreamt about becoming a model. But believe it or not, they were. And unless you were lucky enough […]


[:en] Model: Germain

Nemir Music Video

Models: Claudia, Daniel

Anna de Pretto

  Model: Margherita Photographer: Anna de Pretto

Beret Music Video

[:en] Models: Eleonora, Valentina [:]

MAM Baby campaign

MODELS: Lucile, Tristan & baby Lilia, Laure, Roger & baby Nakia, Cynthia, Ulrich & twin babies Ysis & Neva, Jessica, Damien & baby Charly Brand: MAM Baby Pre-pro coordination: Production Paradise Photography and Direction: Lisa Tichané Videographer: Michel Dupré Stylist: Aline Olivieri HMUA: Stéphanie Ginest Photography assistant: Alexandre Céris Videography assistant: Orysia Murat

Alex Saunders

  Model: Holly Photographer: Alex Saunders

Marcel Plavec

  Models: Martin, Alexander Photographer: Marcel Plavec

Cindy Gibier

  Model: Enzo Photographer: Cindy Gibier

Dean von White

Photographer: Dean von White Model: Nuria


      MODEL: Noelia    

Clara Rice

  MODEL: Natasha Photographer: Clara Rice