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ModelManagement.com Teams Up With Meero to Help Models Build Their Portfolio

ModelManagement.com, the fastest growing network in the world for models, photographers, model agencies and industry professionals has teamed up with Meero, the French company which is revolutionizing the world of photography.


Both companies decided to join forces in order to offer to models the amazing opportunity to book their professional shooting. For now, these shootings are only available in wonderful Paris, but they’ll be available in other cities soon, so stay tuned!

ModelManagement.com and Meero offer two different types of professional shootings. On one hand, they offer the First exposure shooting, which includes 5 pictures and it’s the perfect option for those ones who are just starting their modeling career and want to start building their portfolio.

On the other hand, they also offer the Premium exposure plan which includes 10 different shots and two outfits. This is great for those models who want to upgrade their portfolio or post professional photos on their social media. This way, they get variety and have the chance to showcase better their talent.

Why do you need a modeling portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of photographs that showcases all the work the model has done and illustrates what she or he’s able to do as a model.  It is something very important when someone wants to become a model, as it will be the first thing about you that photographers, agencies and clients see. The best way to show your portfolio is the create a free profile on ModelManagement.com and add your photos.

When it comes to building a modeling portfolio, the quality of images is an important factor. And not just the quality of the file, but the combination of factors that make a photo great, such as light, framing, background, outfit, among others. 

Meero and ModelManagement.com are aware of this importance and that’s why they’ve teamed up to offer this amazing service to the modeling community and help them build an amazing portfolio.

About Meero

Meero is a company that is changing the game for the photography industry. Based in Paris, Meero puts professional photographers in touch with clients around the world. They collaborate with more than 60,000 photographers by providing them with the necessary tools and opportunities to create beautiful images for over 31,000 leading brands worldwide. This makes Meero the perfect collaborating partner for ModelManagement.com.


Don’t miss your chance to get a professional photo shoot by a Meero pro photographer. Check it out now!