Independent Model Agencies

What is an independent model agency?

As there is a sea of modeling agencies out there, it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate modeling agencies from each other, and to know what each model agency has to offer. If you are interested in working in the modeling industry, be it as a model or as a model agent, it's important to know your modeling ABCs.

Finding an independent model agency is much less likely than finding a regular modeling agency. The major difference between an independent model agency and any other type of modeling agency is usually the fact that independent model agencies work independent of other modeling agencies, as the name suggests. It's even likely that independent model agencies are more focused on highly exclusive events and fashion shows, much more so than regular modeling agencies.

Because independent model agencies carry a stamp of exclusivity with them, it becomes trickier to know which agencies are in fact independent and which are not. But overall, the things that regular modeling agencies can offer are more or less the same as what an independent model agency offers. For the model, the work and the task at hand remains the same: to model. The main difference could be seen with the clients they are working with, which can be of slightly higher caliber.

Starting to work for an independent model agency means that first you sign up with the agency. The agency then takes care of you as one of their models, while allowing you to concentrate on your job. Some independent model agencies could have a smaller selection of models, particularly if the agency caters solely for specific type of clients and projects. You could find, for example, an independent model agency that only works with plus-size models. Naturally, this agency would only have clients who want to hire plus-size models for fashion shows and photo shoots.

So, in other words, while you can find that independent model agencies work much in the same way as any other modeling agency, many independent model agencies do cater for niche markets and by that, they tend to hire models who suit their clientele.

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