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Are you starting in the world of modelling? Polaroids are necessary for entry into the professional world of modelling I will help you create your professional polaroids Full body picture (from the front) Full body picture (side) Full body picture (back) Portrait Profile picture It includes: - photos at high resolution - possible on studio or location - Photographs were delivered on the same day via email. Polaroids / Digitals have several advantages: First, they can be used to choose the model (acceptance into an agency, choice of a good model by a customer for an advertisement, editorial publication, catwalk (in short: a casting) or the project of a photographer. Polaroids consist of photos of the face/bust – face/profile, with hair attached/detached. Then, there are pictures of the whole body The Model will typically wear a basic outfit in grey, black or white.

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July 31, 2022
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€60.00 €54.00
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