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Şahin Domin

Available for work in:

  • İstanbul, Turkey

ŞAHİN DOMİN (PARMAK) Birth: 03-10-1975 RIZE / MARKET Martyrdom Village School: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the Department of Photography Alumni (2008-2012) Business Information: 1997 Networking Network Technician Aspects of Computing (IBM Business Partner) Netwok Specialist 1997- 1999 Eczacıbaşı Investment Holding Computing System Operator 1999-2003 Sculptor Mehmet Aksoy Sculpture Workshop in 2003. Beginning in 2014 to study sculpture at the same workshop so I continued my work as an assistant. Sculpture and Photography I continue my work in my own studio (2014). Monumental Sculpture Works on: 2005 Marble Sculpture Statue Penolop Assistance (Size 300x200x100 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2006 Sculpture Statue of Humanity in Kars Model Making and Modeling Assistant (Size 300x300x300 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2008 ITU Hezarfen stone sculpture of the Statue of Ahmed Chalabi (Size 300x1200x100 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2009 Marble Sculpture of Cybele Hyekel (Size 200x250x300 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2010 Air Force Memorial Sculpture of Stone Inscriptions (Size 30x250x150 cm 22 pcs.) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2011 Marble Sculpture of the Statue of Ilhan Selcuk (Size 500x1000x300 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2012 Marble Sculpture of Cybele Dumankaya (Size 500x400x300 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) 2013 Marble Sculpture of the Statue of Nazim Hikmet (Size 400x300x500 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) METU Hazerfen 2014 Marble Sculpture of the Statue of Ahmed Chalabi (Size 300x200x200 cm) (Mehmet Aksoy Design) I attended Exhibitions: 2005 METU Mustafa Kılıç sculpture competition (mansyo the award) exhibition, Ankara Istanbul Art Fair 2009 Photography Exhibition, Istanbul 2009 fine arts universities meeting of Balkan countries mixed sculpture exhibition Third Aegean Arts Festival 2009 Mixed sculpture exhibition, Istanbul 2010 fine arts universities in Mediterranean countries meet mixed sculpture exhibition, Istanbul 2010 Opening of the Exhibition Mardin City Museum (photo), Mardin. Istanbul 2010 Art Fair Exhibition (photo.), Istanbul. 2011 Fulya Art Photography Exhibition, Istanbul. 2011 Exhibition of Art Days Are References 1. Akdeniz, Antalya. Turkey 2012 Nikon Photo Contest (First Prize) Exhibition, Istanbul Istanbul Art Fair 2012 Photography Exhibition, Istanbul. Mixed EGE ART 2013 Sculpture Exhibition, Izmir Istanbul Art Fair 2013 Photography Exhibition, Istanbul. 2013 Istanbul Art Fair intervene Got Mixed Exhibition (Sculpture), Istanbul. 2014 Mixed Artshop Gallery Sculpture Exhibition in Izmir

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