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Darwaysh Onhisown

Darwaysh Onhisown

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Photographer London, United Kingdom
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About me

For thirteen years he did not sleep. constantly pondering over the question - "what is the aim of my life" ? his inner self-nurturing to become a photographer of distinction, was being evaded by his conscious self, till his passion exploded like a volcano, smashing all the barriers both conscious and unconscious.
Thus embarked upon his journey towards self-actualization he started capturing the beauty of butterflies on the Buddleia bushes as well as the wilderness around with his Pentax DSLR camera, to the utter disbelief of some of the best hands in the profession, his photos were regarded as marvelous without much of formal photographic education. Later he got distinction in Photography from the University of Arts Of London. His talent had found an expression to interpret "truth", "beauty" and "wisdom" of nature, his instant plunge into the aesthetics to explore the beauty of nature got tinged by mysticism and he called himself - Darwaysh the Photographer.
The talent of "Darwaysh" is much diversified may it be portrait photography or making pictures of objects of Architecture. He is also fascinated by the natural beauty of a landscape, his photos are indicative of his quest for excellence. Success in any field demands motivation, hard work, and will to improve one's skills, and "Darwaysh" indeed is bestowed with all the qualities which promise success in his chosen profession.

He often explores religion, isolation, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships.

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