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Ed Jansen

  • LocationEindhoven, Netherlands
  • Phone06-19135530
  • Mobile06-19135530
  • WebsiteEd Jansen website

Available for work in:

  • Eindhoven, Netherlands

(Ik ben een Nederlandse fotograaf.) I am a Dutch photographer from Eindhoven. Photography had long been my hobby.I followed the Fotovakschool where I graduated in 2010 under the direction of fashion and portrait photography. Since I am in early 2016 also working on setting up my own business and I want to make several new photos to improve my portfolio. Both technically and creatively, I think I can make more steps. In my portfolio I focus on different types of photography so as, inter alia model photography. Soon I want to realize my own studio and currently I immerse me in everything what is involved. So are you a model who wants to work together to get better pictures, please send me a message.I like working at outdoor locations but want me anyways also focus on different photography beautiful indoor locations. If necessary outside the summer season, so you're not dependent on the weather. Also, I am open to cooperation with other photographers and of course anyone who could use my services as a photographer.

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