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Eddie Elmi

Available for work in:

  • New York, United States

Published Fashion Freelance Photographer - Commercial - Portraits - Port Builds - Events - Shows Who I am: Hi, I'm Eddie, Brooklyn born and raised. I do this for a living. Models I have worked with can speak volumes about my character, professionalism, and high energy. Feel free to contact any models that are tagged in my port! Yes, you are always allowed to bring an escort (if anyone one ever tells you that you can't don't do it!!) I picked up a camera over 15 years ago, and I have never put it down. People say I am very friendly and outgoing, filling a room with positive energy. I love to collaborate with a team so we can build and grow from each others experiences and skills. I believe photography is half skill and half personality. A dull photographer will not let a model show his/her true talent. A photographer/model professional relationship is important to me.

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