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Edon Gashi

Available for work in:

  • Brussels, Belgium

My name is EdonGashi, 18 years old, and currently residing in Brussel - Belgium. My interest in photography began to grow in the year 2007. From that point on I learned a lot through blogs, tutorials and with the help of other photographers My main interests lie in portrait , fashion and architecture photography . If you think you could be aan addition to my portfolio , mail me a short introduction and a link to your portfolio or a picture of yourself as an attachment . Addres : Rue de Wolvenberg 13 Uccle ​Tel : +32/048 984-6​386 email 1 : [email protected] email 2 : [email protected] Facebook : www.facebook.com/egashi1 Facebook Fanpage : www.facebook.com/edon7

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