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Hanne Paludan Kristensen

Available for work in:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though I’ve been photographing since I was a young girl, it never really crossed my mind that I should be a photographer. I wanted to become a comedian, and actually I did, but I was really lazy when I came to writing the material, so I quitted. Instead I became a firefighter, but I drew more and more attention to my photographs, and realized I had to “try it out” and before I knew of it 10 years went along. I get my inspiration everywhere I go. Hardly one day passes where I don’t come across someone, something or some place I just have to shoot. When I get ideas or assignments I dream about them at night; I visualize the lightning, the colors, the mood and the feeling…. I wake up eager to make it all happen, just the way I saw it in my dream. I like putting it this way: “My images are my dreams coming true…”

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