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Honey Cramariuc

Available for work in:

  • Munich, Germany

Born in 1979 in Suceava, if someone's interested, I'm a Romanian photographer residing near München. My first experience as a photographer took place back in childhood, with a Smena camera. In 2005 I've decided to buy a DSLR but I don't even remember why. After two years I've decided to buy a professional DSLR. This time I've knew exactly why: to became a professional photographer. In the last 10 years I've worked for several companies as graphic or web designer, in the journalism or advertising domain. What I learned in these years it's a great asset for me and it's help me to enjoy and to understand even more the art of photography. I'm not an expert in this domain but I spend every day studying tips and tricks about it. At the age of 31 I've decided to add photography to my career and since then I'm inseparable from my camera. I'm a freelancer photographer based in München, mainly specialized in glamour beauty photography and portraits. My strong passion for capturing the human emotion and expressions make's me a photographer aimed to portray the beauty found in ordinary things. Even if I love to work with models, I also love shooting places, events, special occasions etc… My passion for photography is endless.

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