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Josef Polášek

Available for work in:

  • Opava, Czechia

For centuries, women's beauty is an eternal inspiration for artists. Despite the ancient sculpture and Renaissance paintings of Dutch masters whose work he admires the world. The same can be said about the mystical appeal of precious stones. Their natural beauty, durability and flexibility encouraged a belief in their supernatural origins and magical powers. Gems, which lasted for centuries, acquired a certain historical value, and a touch of romance. But what happens when women combine beauty and precious stone? It's totally unique and original art project Invekto, which is thematically devoted to only one in Europe. Pendant des siècles, la beauté des femmes est une source d'inspiration éternelle pour les artistes. Malgré les peintures sculptures antiques et Renaissance de maîtres hollandais dont le travail qu'il admire le monde. La même chose peut être dit au sujet de l'appel mystique de pierres précieuses. Leur beauté naturelle, la durabilité et la flexibilité encouragé la croyance en leurs origines surnaturelles et les pouvoirs magiques. Gems, qui a duré pendant des siècles, a acquis une certaine valeur historique, et une touche de romantisme. Mais ce qui arrive quand les femmes allient beauté et de pierres précieuses? C'est tout à fait unique et original projet d'art Invekto, qui est thématiquement consacrée à un seul en Europe. Polasek Josef was born in Bruntal a city characterized by a long traditions of arts. He had originally studied electronics but turned to arts under tuition of his friend and as a self-taught artist. Polasek Josef adopted silk screen printing as his preferred technique and after 2008 began publish his works.

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