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Jure Chuk

  • LocationLondon, United Kingdom
  • Phone07806655066
  • Mobile07806655066
  • WebsiteJure Chuk website

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  • London, United Kingdom

Hey there, I am actually a Makeup Artist who does makeup tutorials on Youtube. That's why I know a bit about photography and filming. Even though I am not a top professional photographer, I still think I can take good beauty shots. In addition to my portfolio, check out my Youtube channel AdviseMyStyle. I am searching for specific face features, but that would be too complicated to explain. So...I would like to work with young, mature, black, white, rainbow or unicorn! I love them all! How does it work? I am recording two makeup tutorials, one daily and one night out makeup. The shoot takes four hours, two hours to record each tutorial. What's the deal? I get a model and you get photos, plus I can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about doing your makeup and you'll have your own makeup tutorial. Hope this sounds cool and we'll all get millions of views soon. Smile Now a little bit about me... I am 32 years old, very bubbly and I love Nutella! I worked as a professional MUA for a couple of world known brands, but then had enough and started freelancing. Since then my life has been incredible. I am on a mission to empower women all over the world with a new type of makeup related website which is still a secret. This is why I need to record about 300 makeup tutorials and I thought Purple Port would be the right place to start. I come from Slovenia, a small country above Italy with borders in a shape of a chicken. My star sign is Virgo which means that I am very organised and clean, but I also have my moments. My girlfriend is a Princess, so it is me who cooks most of the time. Feel free to call me, meet me or add me on Facebook prior to the shoot so that you see I am not some crazy dodgy guy. Cheers, Jure.

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