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Marco Antonio Gallico

Available for work in:

  • Lodi, Italy

Marco Antonio Gallico was born in 1980 in Casalpusterlengo, a small town lying in the Lombard tract of the vast and orderly cultivated Po Valley in the Northern part of Italy. He obtained a diploma from the Bruno Cassinari Art School of Piacenza and subsequently graduated with a degree in Cultural Heritage Studies at the University of Milan. His slightly nomadic character and his observant instinct often lead him to set off for solitary journeys. He has devoted himself with visceral passion to writing and photography activities for which he has received several awards. Being an unstable poet, he uses photography for two different purposes, as if within him lived two distinct photographers: one who is anxious to give life to his own mental images, the other interested in stealing every small detail from the scenes of life taking place around him.

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