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Photographer Amsterdam, Netherlands
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About me

I was born into a family of filmmakers, photographers and travelers in Trieste, a picturesque coastal town in northeastern Italy.

Raised amongst people of such creativity and curiosity, with Trieste as a backdrop, meant I spent my youth immersed in visual inspiration.

While always curious and with an eye for exploration, it took a while before photography became my means of making sense of it all; Once it did, it stuck.

My passion for chasing lights and breathing stories has found me wandering and observing some of the most beautiful locations on earth, while a love for language and connecting with people often allows me a more intimate look into the lives of people from all walks of life.

Joining their stories, getting lost along narrow dirt paths and capturing these moments gives my photography purpose.

With an eye for color, detail, and natural light, I create images for editorial and commercial clients across the genres of travel & lifestyle, documentary and still life.

I currently ply my trade as a full-time freelancer based in a city I've proudly called home for the past 7 years: Amsterdam.

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