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About me

This astonishing work began as a wish, became an adventure, and ended as the ultimate road trip.
We are specializing in Portrait Modeling, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie, Artistic Nudes, and Commercial photography.
We like to push the limits of the camera and the digital imaging techniques to create a unique photo. We think that such a unique photograph is as much about beauty as it is about professionalism, technique, tools, preparation, and experience.
Located downtown Houston in our studio we have access to a 3,000 sq. ft of shooting rooms and alleyways, the studio counts with more than 15 shooting areas, a quite large infinity wall, and multiple rooms with colored walls. Outstanding setups for shooting with natural or artificial light inside an industrial style building will help you with your special projects or concepts.
You can check references with anyone who appears on our credit list.
We like working with all models with no limitations, no rules, regardless of their experience level as long as they demonstrate the ability to keep manage themselves in a professional, ethical, level.

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