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Przemek Czaicki

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  • London, United Kingdom

I have always been fascinated with two things: identity and solitude. One often reinforcing the other. In the West, I believe, we are confronted with a crisis of identity. We love to attach labels to everyone and everything ultimately attempting to sort the world into a sphere that we can understand. The study of identity started quite early for me. I was interested in the visual cues that portray our identity. How we walk, how we speak, the way we dress, how we move - everything has a story behind it. A story that shaped us into who we are today. Back then, as a teenager, I was interested in solving those little puzzles and guessing what stories could those people tell. I was fortunate enough to spend 3 years of my life in university studying human communication, which explained to me the processes that build identity. This has ultimately translated to my visual world of photography. My subjects are often isolated in an abstract world, trapped in a moment between fiction and reality. Often the stories I come across inspire me not only to record and tell them, but also to create my own fictional reality. A much purer world, where our alter egos come to life. My personal interests and my education allow me now to construct identity through visuals and the conceptual framework in which they are anchored. This often helps my clients in achieving the correct image through my visual world.

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